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Jenny makes ceramic wares in Bloomington, Indiana, where she shares a home with her partner and two cats - Harley and Byron. She enjoys growing plants and going on D&D adventures.

She has explored several artistic mediums, but began her pursuit of ceramic art in 2017 and has recently moved into her own studio space. Along this journey, with the help of many, she has been builder, electrician and kiln specialist.


As of March 2023 she has a newly rewired kiln and will be updating the shop very soon! 

J Powell pottery adjustments at the wheel.heic


I believe ceramic work is a collaboration between myself and the materials I work with. I acknowledge that I can only influence the materials, never truly removing the memory of the shapes the clay has been before. I also recognize that my control of a piece ends when it goes into the kiln.


My intention is for people to use my pieces, to enjoy them, and even to break them (eventually). I intentionally avoid making exclusively decorative pieces because I do not want to add clutter and waste to our shared surroundings. 


​I'm working in two directions.

The Future Was Now celebrates the bright geometric splashes of color found in 80's and 90's design. A mix of vaporwave, Trapper Keeper, Rocko's Modern Life and recognition of so many disposable cups.

Natural Respite reflects the colors and textures of nature. These pieces are designed and glazed to help us recall beaches, forests, gardens or the quiet sanctuary of a back yard.

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